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We support individuals looking for apprenticeships as well as businesses and organisations seeking apprentices for expansion, recruitment and development solutions.

What are apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes designed by employers, for employers, which lead to nationally recognised qualifications.

An Apprenticeship is an opportunity for young people and adult learners to earn a salary while they experience the job first hand, gaining a nationally recognised qualification and a future career. Hiring apprentices helps businesses to grow their own talent by developing a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

What are the business benefits?

View this video from City & Guilds highlighting five key reasons why businesses should think about hiring apprentices.

Apprenticeship opportunities are available to train both new and existing employees – in many cases funding is available, we can advise you of the best opportunities available to your business.

We offer apprenticeships in a range of sectors including:

Health and Social Care Level 2 Level 3

Team Leading and Management Level 3

Business & Administration Level 2 Level 3

Customer Service Level 2 Level 3

Children & Young People’s Workforce Level 2 

You can view our Course Catalogue Web 2014 for more specific course information.

Some facts: (Source: Apprenticeships.org)
Apprenticeships help businesses grow their own talent.
  • Nearly every employer that takes on an apprentice (96%) reports benefits to their business.
  • 72% of businesses report improved productivity as a result of employing an apprentice.
  • Other benefits reported by apprentice-employers include improved product or service, the introduction of new ideas to the organisation, improved staff morale and better staff retention, each mentioned by around two-thirds of employers.
Apprenticeships develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.
  • Businesses that offer Apprenticeships view them as beneficial to their long-term development. According to the British Chambers of Commerce, most employ an apprentice to improve the skills base within their business.
  • Apprentices are supported by quality training from local training organisations.
Apprenticeships improve productivity while reducing costs.
  • Apprenticeships are boosting productivity by enabling businesses to grow their skills base.
  • The average Apprenticeship increases business productivity by £214 per week, with these gains including increased profits, lower prices and better products.
  • Apprentices are paid at least the relevant minimum wage and training costs are covered for many apprentices.
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Many businesses and organisations may be eligible for a £1500 grant to help cover the cost of starting a new apprentice aged 16 to 24 years old.

 Call now on 01253 806916 to talk to us about how you can secure funding and support.